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Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Markets
"Metal detectors help ensure product purity at Global Health Industries" from Tablets & Capsules - March 2014
"Trends in metal-detectable plastics in food" from Food In Canada-November 2012   
"Know the Proper Steps to Test for Magnetic Strength" from Food Manufacturing - August 2012
"Manufacturer drawn to strength, versatility of magnetic separators" from Tablets & Capsules - October 2010
"Protecting Your Supply Chain" from Food Engineering Magazine - March 2010        
"Growing Trends in Foreign Object Detection" from QA Magazine - November/December 2009
"Vibratory feeder is the spice of success" from Powderbulk Engineering - December 2009

"Feeding Frenzy - Obtaining peak performance from your vibratory feeder" from Processing Magazine
"Foreign bodies in food - magnetic separation" from Food & Drink Network UK - June 2007
"Keeping pizza dough pure" from Powder and Bulk Engineering Magazine
"Magnetic Separation, How to Select the Best Equipment for the Job" from Pharmaceutical Formulation and Quality Magazine
"Tasty Technology" from Food Quality Magazine
"Stronger Magnets the Key to Separation Success" from Food and Drink Network UK

Processing Markets
"How to Choose & Use Metal Separators" from Plastics Technology Magazine
"Is Tramp Metal Wreaking Havoc in Your Pulp/Paper Mill? from Processing Magazine - March 2012
"Vibratory Feeeders" from Processing Magazine
"In the Works: Magnetic Plastic" from Recycling Today Magazine
"Magnetic Separators Offer Quality, Uptime and Labor Cost Benefits" from Pulp and Paper Magazine
"Metal Detectors Secure Shop-Towel Quality" from American Machinist Magazine
"Vibratory tray feeders" from Powder and Bulk Engineering Magazine
"Early Detection Of Tramp Metal Keeps Clark Felt's Carding Machine Running Smoothly" from Textile World February 2010

Heavy Industry Markets
"Matching Up To Requirements" from World Coal April 2015
"A Need to Feed" from Rock Products February 2015  
"Committed to Recycling & Sustainability: Interview with Tim Shuttleworth" from Skillings Mining Review April 2014
"Process of Elimination" from Construction & Demolition Recycling Magazine November/December 2012
"SCRAP-The brightest star in the Eriez Firmament" from Recycling International March 2012
"Killing the Meatball Problem" from Recycling International March 2012
"EESSCO Heavy-Duty Feeders from Construction Equipment Guide January 2011
"Cleaning Columns" from World Coal Magazine July 2011
"Feeding the BEAST" from Aggregates Manager July 2011 
"Apron Feeder Magnetic Separators" from Mining Engineering January 2011   
"Meatball Separators" from Scrap Magazine Jan/Feb 2011
"Boddington Gold Mine's Expansion Project" from Mining Engineering November 2010
"Clean Coal Processing" from Today's Energy Solutions Magazine
"Cleaning Up" from World Coal Magazine
"Cleaning Up Its Act" from Recycling Today Magazine
"Higher-specification metal detector" from Mining & Quarry World Magazine
"Magnetic Separation Evolution" from Industrial Minerals Magazine
"Keeping Time" (Drum Separators) from Recycling Today Magazine
"Magnetic field" from World Coal Magazine
"Magnetic Separation Technology" from Mining Engineering Magazine
"New Finds on the Show Floor" from Recycling International Magazine
"Recycling Plastics with Magnets" from Machine Design
"Separation Magnetism" from World Coal Magazine

"Sorting Equipment Focus" from Recycling Today Magazine
"The Magnetic Duo" from Resource Recycling Magazine
"Trunion Magnet eliminates grinding ball fragments" from Canadian Mining Journal
"Trommel Magnet Protects SAG Mill Circuit" from Engineering & Mining Journal Magazine

Metalworking Market
"What is Clean?" from Aerospace Manufacturing and Design Magazine.
"Carefully Designed Scrap Removal Systems Increase Machine Efficiency" from The Fabricator Magazine

Keep it Moving" from the Stamping Journal
"Lifting Magnets ease and speed operation" from Modern Metals Magazine
"Removing Swarf Magnetically" from Cutting Tool Engineering

"Beleving in Reps Since Dirt was Discovered" from Agency Sales Magazine
"Please Don't Read This" from the Association for Manufacturing Technology newsletter
"Rep Councils Serve as Territory Eyes and Ears" from Agency Sales Magazine
"Growing at Home" from Erie Times-News (about Eriez being named Employer of the Year)

"Eriez magnetic force" from Lake Erie LifeStyle Magazine
"Maintaining your magnetic separator's performance by testing magnet strength" from Powder & Bulk magazine.

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