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Magnetic Separation Manuals

SM-100Plate Magnets
SM-140Magnetic Humps and Round Pipe Separators
SM-143Radial Field (RF) Cartridge Magnet
SM-145Self Cleaning Magnetic Hump
SM-150Deep Reach Magnetic Separator
SM-200Grate Magnets
SM-200-3Rota-Grate Magnetic Separator
SM-204PM Grate-In-Housing Rare Earth Magnets
SM-205Grate-In-Housing - Model TGH, FGH
SM-206PM Rare Earth Replacement Drawer Grate
SM-210Pneumatic Self-Cleaning Grate Magnet
SM-215Easy-to-Clean Grate Magnet
SM-216Easy-to-Clean Rota-Grate
SM-220Self Cleaning Rota-Grate
SM-225Automatic Easy-to-Clean Grate-In-Housing
SM-240Magnetic Pulley
SM-305Suspended Permanent Magnets
SM-307Suspended Permanent Magnetic Separator Model CP
SM-321Suspended Electromagnet Series 2400
SM-323Suspended Electromagnets
SM-328Suspended Electromagnets for Hazardous Locations
SM-340Permanent Magnetic Dry Drum Separators
SM-380Scrap Drums
SM-419Eriez Magnet Load Monitor
SM-420Permanent Magnetic Ferrous Traps
SM-620Powertrol Rectifier
SM-780-1Eddy Current Separator
SM-780-2Xtreme Eddy Current Separator

Vibratory Manuals

VM-10N12-G & HW Series Freqency Controllers for Electromagnetic Feeders
VM-2P155 Precipitator Vibrator
VM-3002HS-8 Vibratory Feeder
VM-30046C Feeder
VM-301515A Feeder
VM-304848A Feeder
VM-305010A to 55A Feeder
VM-3152HS-26 Feeder
VM-315326C Feeder
VM-3154HS-36 Feeder
VM-315536C Feeder
VM-3156HS-46, 56, 66 Feeder
VM-3157HD-46, 56, 66 Feeder
VM-315846C, 56C, 66C Feeder
VM--3166HD36, HD36C Feeder
VM-3169HD46C, HD56C, HD66C Feeder
VM-3320Vibratory Feeder Hopper Transition Installation
VM-335052 & 56A Feeder
VM-336458, 62, 65, 70 & 75B Feeders
VM-337Eriez 417150 Feeder Control Module
VM-338285, 98, 105B Feeder
VM-345Feeder Control Module
VM-3415115B Feeder
VM-3502Pneumatic Vibrator Type 2614
VM-3504ERV Electric Rotary Vibrators
VM-3505Inertial Drive
VM-3510D20N & D30N Vibrators
VM-353030P & 30S Vibrators
VM-354040P & 40S Vibrators
VM-3555D55P & D55S Vibrators
VM-356060U & 70U Vibrators
VM-3580P150, 155 Precipitator Vibrators
VM-3590TPR 160, P160 & 60PL Precipitator Vibrators
VM-3650HVF Feeders and HVC Conveyors
VM-3651Vibrating Feeders and Conveyors Model TMR
VM-3652Ultra-Force Feeder
VM-3659Single Mass Conveyor - Model SM
VM-3660Brute Force Feeder
VM-3670Model TM Vibrating Feeders & Conveyors
VM-3671Model VMC Vibrating Conveyors
VM-3676HMC Horizontal Motion Conveyor
VM-3705Models 24 & 30 Syncro-Matic Screen Separators
VM-3715Models 36, 48 & 60 Syncro-Matic Screen Separators
VM-3720Syncro-Sieve Separators
VM-3725Syncro-Sizer II Separators
VM-3729LPCS Low Profile Circular Screener
VM-3803HSB-3 Feeder
VM-3804HSB-4 Feeder
VM-3805HS-5 Feeder
VM-3810HS-10 & 20 Feeder
VM-3841HS-30 Feeder
VM-3842HS-42 Feeder
VM-6Tray Design Guide
VM-7Unicon N12 Chassis Controller
VT-3500Bin Vibrator Mounting Instructions

Metal Detection Manuals

MM-102Belt Clip Detector Option - MK. II Universal Solid State Metal Detector
MM-103Belt Clip Detector Option - MK. III Universal Solid State Metal Detector
MM-106Ink Marking System
MM-1121200 Series Flag Drop Marker
MM-115Jet Shot Pump Marker
MM-1201Shift Register
MM-12061200 Series with Shift Register
MM-12101210 Metal Detector
MM-12301230 Metal Detector
MM-12351235 Metal Detector
MM-12411241 Metal Detector
MM-12501250 Metal Detector
MM-12601260 Metal Detector
MM-173HH-10 Metal Detector
MM-195CMS Metal Detector/ Separator
MM-196E-Z Tec DSP Metal Detector
MM-197E-Z Link Software for E-Z Tec Metal Detectors
MM-1981220 Metal Detectors
MM-205E-Z Tec III Series H-04 Metal Detector
MM-207E-Z Tec III Series H-04C Metal Detector
MM-226E-Z Tec 9100 Metal Detector
MM-230H04 & MPC Control Metal Detectors
MM-232Diverter Valves - Isomatic Spout Gate Type Valve
MM-235E-Z Tec Metal Detectors Models IV & V
MM-236E-Z Tec Metal Detectors Models IV & V Troubleshooting Guide
MM-237E-Z Tec III, IV & V MPC Metal Detectors
MM-239MPC Metal Detectors and MPCTerm Software
MM-245MA3600 Series Metal Detector
MM-2463500 Metalarm Metal Detector
MM-247Metalarm Series 3500 QM2 Metal Detector
MM-248Metalarm Series 6301 CE Metal Detector
MM-249Metalarm Series 6500 CE Metal Detector
MM-250Metalarm Series 7000 Metal Detector
MM-2516600CE Metal Detector
MM-400PN Metal Separator
MM-402CF Metal Separator
MM-404FF Metal Separator
MM-406CFP 30, 40, 50 & 60 Metal Separator
MM-408FF5 Metal Separator
MM-410Metal Detecting Conveyor
MM-412FFS Control Unit
MM-414FFG Control Unit
MMDC-1231Digital Control Unit for Model 1230
MMDG-1230Model 1230 Digital Metal Detector
MM-PDF-1Xtreme Interactive Reference Guide

HydroFlow Fluid Filtration

FJ-200Junior Oil Belt Skimmer
FJ-205Standard Oil Belt Skimmer
FJ-207Oil Belt Skimmer Build Instructions
FJ-216OTC-2/OTC-3 Centrifuge Bowl
FJ-30050 Gallon Electric Sump Cleaner
FJ-302Drum Top Sump Cleaner
FJ-310Sump Cleaner
FJ-401Tank Side Coalescer
FJ-402Portable Coalescer
FJ-406Portable Coalescer Jr.
FJ-408CRS SS Coolant Recycling System with Coalescer
FJ-800618 Cartridge Filter Housing
FJMK-201Oil Skimmer Drive Motor Retrofit Kit

Metalworking Manuals

MJ-2300Lifting Magnets
MJ-2301Safehold EPL Instruction Manual
MJ-2302Safehold APL Instruction Manual
MJ-2304Safehold RPL Instruction Manual
MJ-2306SafeHold XPL Instruction Manual
MJ-2308Safehold MPL Instruction Manual
MJ-2310Circular Lifting Magnet
MJ--2420Sheet Fanner
MJ-2635Chip & Parts Conveyor
MJ-2640Low Profile Chip & Parts Conveyor
MJ-2660Coolant Cleaners - Models CE, CS IE & IS
MJ-2661RES Coolant Cleaner
MJ-2665Cyclone Filtration Systems
MJ-2670Hinged Steel Belt
MJ-2700Finishing Mill Unloader
MJ-2800Belt Conveyors
MJ-2827Magnetic Sweepers

Recycling Manuals

RM--110SMART Wireless Data Collection
RM--112SMART Splitter Monitor
RM--115SMART Metal Loss Monitor
RM--118SMART Moisture Monitor
RM-380Scrap Drum

Minerals & Materials Processing

MMPM-290Permanent Non-Electric Magnetic Belt Cleaners
MMPM-360DF High-Speed Drum
MMPM-440High Intensity Magnetic Filter
MMPM-460CDA Wet Drum Magnetic Separator
MMPM-470Heavy Media Permanent Magnetic Wet Drum Separator
MMPM-470CLIAClimaxx-Eriez Heavy Media Wet Drum Magnetic Separator
MMPM-500Magnetic Flocculators
MMPM-520Model DRW Demagnetizing Coils
MMPM-540Induced Magnetic Roll Separator
MMPM-602Davis Tube Tester
MMPM-605CF-5-MM Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator (WHIMS)
MMPM-606Laboratory Model Wet Drum Separator
MMPM-618Laboratory Model Electrostatic Separator
MMPM-730-1Laboratory Model Rare Earth Roll
MMPM-732Permanent Magnetic Dry Drum
MMPM-735Electromagnetic Pulley
MMPM-745CrossFlow Separator
MMPM-75Laboratory Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator (WHIMS)

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