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Magnetic Separation Manuals

SM-100Plate Magnets
SM-140Magnetic Humps and Round Pipe Separators
SM-143Radial Field (RF) Cartridge Magnet
SM-145Self Cleaning Magnetic Hump
SM-150Deep Reach Magnetic Separator
SM-200Grate Magnets
SM-200-3Rota-Grate Magnetic Separator
SM-204PM Grate-In-Housing Rare Earth Magnets
SM-205Grate-In-Housing - Model TGH, FGH
SM-206PM Rare Earth Replacement Drawer Grate
SM-210Pneumatic Self-Cleaning Grate Magnet
SM-215Easy-to-Clean Grate Magnet
SM-216Easy-to-Clean Rota-Grate
SM-220Self Cleaning Rota-Grate
SM-225Automatic Easy-to-Clean Grate-In-Housing
SM-240Magnetic Pulley
SM-305Suspended Permanent Magnets
SM-307Suspended Permanent Magnetic Separator Model CP
SM-321Suspended Electromagnet Series 2400
SM-323Suspended Electromagnets
SM-328Suspended Electromagnets for Hazardous Locations
SM-340Permanent Magnetic Dry Drum Separators
SM-380Scrap Drums
SM-419Eriez Magnet Load Monitor
SM-420Permanent Magnetic Ferrous Traps
SM-620Powertrol Rectifier
SM-780-1Eddy Current Separator
SM-780-2Xtreme Eddy Current Separator

Vibratory Manuals

VM-10N12-G & HW Series Freqency Controllers for Electromagnetic Feeders
VM-2P155 Precipitator Vibrator
VM-3002HS-8 Vibratory Feeder
VM-30046C Feeder
VM-301515A Feeder
VM-304848A Feeder
VM-305010A to 55A Feeder
VM-3152HS-26 Feeder
VM-315326C Feeder
VM-3154HS-36 Feeder
VM-315536C Feeder
VM-3156HS-46, 56, 66 Feeder
VM-3157HD-46, 56, 66 Feeder
VM-315846C, 56C, 66C Feeder
VM--3166HD36, HD36C Feeder
VM-3169HD46C, HD56C, HD66C Feeder
VM-3320Vibratory Feeder Hopper Transition Installation
VM-335052 & 56A Feeder
VM-336458, 62, 65, 70 & 75B Feeders
VM-337Eriez 417150 Feeder Control Module
VM-338285, 98, 105B Feeder
VM-345Feeder Control Module
VM-3415115B Feeder
VM-3502Pneumatic Vibrator Type 2614
VM-3504ERV Electric Rotary Vibrators
VM-3505Inertial Drive
VM-3510D20N & D30N Vibrators
VM-353030P & 30S Vibrators
VM-354040P & 40S Vibrators
VM-3555D55P & D55S Vibrators
VM-356060U & 70U Vibrators
VM-3580P150, 155 Precipitator Vibrators
VM-3590TPR 160, P160 & 60PL Precipitator Vibrators
VM-3650HVF Feeders and HVC Conveyors
VM-3651Vibrating Feeders and Conveyors Model TMR
VM-3652Ultra-Force Feeder
VM-3659Single Mass Conveyor - Model SM
VM-3660Brute Force Feeder
VM-3670Model TM Vibrating Feeders & Conveyors
VM-3671Model VMC Vibrating Conveyors
VM-3676HMC Horizontal Motion Conveyor
VM-3705Models 24 & 30 Syncro-Matic Screen Separators
VM-3715Models 36, 48 & 60 Syncro-Matic Screen Separators
VM-3720Syncro-Sieve Separators
VM-3725Syncro-Sizer II Separators
VM-3729LPCS Low Profile Circular Screener
VM-3803HSB-3 Feeder
VM-3804HSB-4 Feeder
VM-3805HS-5 Feeder
VM-3810HS-10 & 20 Feeder
VM-3841HS-30 Feeder
VM-3842HS-42 Feeder
VM-6Tray Design Guide
VM-7Unicon N12 Chassis Controller
VT-3500Bin Vibrator Mounting Instructions

Metal Detection Manuals

MM-102Belt Clip Detector Option - MK. II Universal Solid State Metal Detector
MM-103Belt Clip Detector Option - MK. III Universal Solid State Metal Detector
MM-106Ink Marking System
MM-1121200 Series Flag Drop Marker
MM-115Jet Shot Pump Marker
MM-1201Shift Register
MM-12061200 Series with Shift Register
MM-12101210 Metal Detector
MM-12301230 Metal Detector
MM-12351235 Metal Detector
MM-12411241 Metal Detector
MM-12501250 Metal Detector
MM-12601260 Metal Detector
MM-173HH-10 Metal Detector
MM-195CMS Metal Detector/ Separator
MM-196E-Z Tec DSP Metal Detector
MM-197E-Z Link Software for E-Z Tec Metal Detectors
MM-1981220 Metal Detectors
MM-205E-Z Tec III Series H-04 Metal Detector
MM-207E-Z Tec III Series H-04C Metal Detector
MM-226E-Z Tec 9100 Metal Detector
MM-230H04 & MPC Control Metal Detectors
MM-232Diverter Valves - Isomatic Spout Gate Type Valve
MM-235E-Z Tec Metal Detectors Models IV & V
MM-236E-Z Tec Metal Detectors Models IV & V Troubleshooting Guide
MM-237E-Z Tec III, IV & V MPC Metal Detectors
MM-239MPC Metal Detectors and MPCTerm Software
MM-245MA3600 Series Metal Detector
MM-2463500 Metalarm Metal Detector
MM-247Metalarm Series 3500 QM2 Metal Detector
MM-248Metalarm Series 6301 CE Metal Detector
MM-249Metalarm Series 6500 CE Metal Detector
MM-250Metalarm Series 7000 Metal Detector
MM-2516600CE Metal Detector
MM-400PN Metal Separator
MM-402CF Metal Separator
MM-404FF Metal Separator
MM-406CFP 30, 40, 50 & 60 Metal Separator
MM-408FF5 Metal Separator
MM-410Metal Detecting Conveyor
MM-412FFS Control Unit
MM-414FFG Control Unit
MMDC-1231Digital Control Unit for Model 1230
MMDG-1230Model 1230 Digital Metal Detector
MM-PDF-1Xtreme Interactive Reference Guide

HydroFlow Fluid Filtration

FJ-200Junior Oil Belt Skimmer
FJ-205Standard Oil Belt Skimmer
FJ-207Oil Belt Skimmer Build Instructions
FJ-216OTC-2/OTC-3 Centrifuge Bowl
FJ-30050 Gallon Electric Sump Cleaner
FJ-302Drum Top Sump Cleaner
FJ-310Sump Cleaner
FJ-401Tank Side Coalescer
FJ-402Portable Coalescer
FJ-406Portable Coalescer Jr.
FJ-408CRS SS Coolant Recycling System with Coalescer
FJ-800618 Cartridge Filter Housing
FJMK-201Oil Skimmer Drive Motor Retrofit Kit

Metalworking Manuals

MJ-2300Lifting Magnets
MJ-2301Safehold EPL Instruction Manual
MJ-2302Safehold APL Instruction Manual
MJ-2304Safehold RPL Instruction Manual
MJ-2306SafeHold XPL Instruction Manual
MJ-2308Safehold MPL Instruction Manual
MJ-2310Circular Lifting Magnet
MJ--2420Sheet Fanner
MJ-2635Chip & Parts Conveyor
MJ-2640Low Profile Chip & Parts Conveyor
MJ-2660Coolant Cleaners - Models CE, CS IE & IS
MJ-2661RES Coolant Cleaner
MJ-2665Cyclone Filtration Systems
MJ-2670Hinged Steel Belt
MJ-2700Finishing Mill Unloader
MJ-2800Belt Conveyors
MJ-2827Magnetic Sweepers

Recycling Manuals

RM--110SMART Wireless Data Collection
RM--112SMART Splitter Monitor
RM--115SMART Metal Loss Monitor
RM--118SMART Moisture Monitor
RM-380Scrap Drum

Minerals & Materials Processing

MMPM-290Permanent Non-Electric Magnetic Belt Cleaners
MMPM-360DF High-Speed Drum
MMPM-440High Intensity Magnetic Filter
MMPM-460CDA Wet Drum Magnetic Separator
MMPM-470Heavy Media Permanent Magnetic Wet Drum Separator
MMPM-470CLIAClimaxx-Eriez Heavy Media Wet Drum Magnetic Separator
MMPM-500Magnetic Flocculators
MMPM-520Model DRW Demagnetizing Coils
MMPM-540Induced Magnetic Roll Separator
MMPM-602Davis Tube Tester
MMPM-605CF-5-MM Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator (WHIMS)
MMPM-606Laboratory Model Wet Drum Separator
MMPM-618Laboratory Model Electrostatic Separator
MMPM-730-1Laboratory Model Rare Earth Roll
MMPM-732Permanent Magnetic Dry Drum
MMPM-735Electromagnetic Pulley
MMPM-745CrossFlow Separator
MMPM-75Laboratory Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator (WHIMS)

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46C, 56C, 66C FeederAdobe PDF

48A FeederAdobe PDF

50 Gallon Electric Sump CleanerAdobe PDF

52 & 56A FeederAdobe PDF

58, 62, 65, 70 & 75B FeedersAdobe PDF

60U & 70U VibratorsAdobe PDF

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6600CE Metal DetectorAdobe PDF

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85, 98, 105B FeederAdobe PDF

Belt Clip Detector Option - MK. II Universal Solid State Metal DetectorAdobe PDF

Belt Clip Detector Option - MK. III Universal Solid State Metal DetectorAdobe PDF

Belt ConveyorsAdobe PDF

Bin Vibrator Mounting InstructionsAdobe PDF

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CDA Wet Drum Magnetic SeparatorAdobe PDF

CF Metal SeparatorAdobe PDF

CFP 30, 40, 50 & 60 Metal Separator Adobe PDF

Chip & Parts ConveyorAdobe PDF

Circular Lifting MagnetAdobe PDF

Climaxx-Eriez Heavy Media Wet Drum Magnetic SeparatorAdobe PDF

CMS Metal Detector/SeparatorAdobe PDF

Coolant Cleaners - Models CE, CS IE & ISAdobe PDF

CrossFlow SeparatorAdobe PDF

CRS SS Coolant Recycling System with CoalescerAdobe PDF

Cyclone Filtration SystemsAdobe PDF

D20N & D30N VibratorsAdobe PDF

D55P & D55S VibratorsAdobe PDF

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Eriez 417150 Feeder Control ModuleAdobe PDF

Eriez Magnet Load MonitorAdobe PDF

ERV Electric Rotary VibratorsAdobe PDF

E-Z Link Software for E-Z Tec Metal DetectorsAdobe PDF

E-Z Tec 9100 Metal DetectorAdobe PDF

E-Z Tec DSP Metal DetectorAdobe PDF


E-Z Tec III Series H-04 Metal DetectorAdobe PDF

E-Z Tec III Series H-04C Metal DetectorAdobe PDF

E-Z Tec III, IV & V MPC Metal DetectorsAdobe PDF

E-Z Tec Metal Detectors Models IV & VAdobe PDF

E-Z Tec Metal Detectors Models IV & V Troubleshooting GuideAdobe PDF

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FF5 Metal SeparatorAdobe PDF

FFG Control UnitAdobe PDF

FFS Control UnitAdobe PDF

Finishing Mill UnloaderAdobe PDF

Grate MagnetsAdobe PDF

H04 & MPC Control Metal DetectorsAdobe PDF

HD36, HD36C FeederAdobe PDF

HD-46, 56, 66 FeederAdobe PDF

HS-5 FeederAdobe PDF

HD46C, HD56C, HD66C Feeder Adobe PDF

Heavy Media Permanent Magnetic Wet Drum SeparatorAdobe PDF

HH-10 Metal DetectorAdobe PDF

High Intensity Magnetic FilterAdobe PDF

Hinged Steel BeltAdobe PDF

HMC Horizontal Motion ConveyorAdobe PDF

HS-10 & 20 FeederAdobe PDF

HS-26 FeederAdobe PDF

HS-30 FeederAdobe PDF

HS-36 FeederAdobe PDF

HS-46, 56, 66 FeederAdobe PDF

HS-8 Vibratory FeederAdobe PDF

HSB-3 FeederAdobe PDF

HSB-4 FeederAdobe PDF

HVF Feeders and HVC ConveyorsAdobe PDF

Induced Magnetic Roll SeparatorAdobe PDF

Inertial DriveAdobe PDF

Ink Marking SystemAdobe PDF

Jet Shot Pump MarkerAdobe PDF

Junior Oil Belt SkimmerAdobe PDF

Laboratory Model Electrostatic SeparatorAdobe PDF

Laboratory Model Rare Earth RollAdobe PDF

Laboratory Model Wet Drum SeparatorAdobe PDF

Laboratory Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator (WHIMS)Adobe PDF

Lifting MagnetsAdobe PDF

Low Profile Chip & Parts ConveyorAdobe PDF

LPCS Low Profile Circular ScreenerAdobe PDF

MA3600 Series Metal DetectorAdobe PDF

Magna-RailsAdobe PDF

Magnetic FlocculatorsAdobe PDF

Magnetic PulleyAdobe PDF

Magnetic SweepersAdobe PDF

Metal Detecting ConveyorAdobe PDF

Metalarm Series 3500 QM2 Metal DetectorAdobe PDF

Metalarm Series 6301 CE Metal DetectorAdobe PDF

Metalarm Series 6500 CE Metal DetectorAdobe PDF

Metalarm Series 7000 Metal DetectorAdobe PDF

Model 1230 Digital Metal DetectorAdobe PDF

Model DRW Demagnetizing CoilsAdobe PDF

Model TM Vibrating Feeders & ConveyorsAdobe PDF

Model VMC Vibrating ConveyorsAdobe PDF

Models 24 & 30 Syncro-Matic Screen SeparatorsAdobe PDF

Models 36, 48 & 60 Syncro-Matic Screen SeparatorsAdobe PDF

MPC Metal Detectors and MPCTerm SoftwareAdobe PDF

Oil Belt Skimmer Build InstructionsAdobe PDF

Oil Skimmer Drive Motor Retrofit KitAdobe PDF

OTC-2/OTC-3 Centrifuge BowlAdobe PDF

P150, 155 Precipitator VibratorsAdobe PDF

P155 Precipitator VibratorAdobe PDF

Palletizer/DepalletizerAdobe PDF

Permanent Magnetic Dry Drum Adobe PDF

Permanent Magnetic Dry Drum SeparatorsAdobe PDF

Permanent Non-Electric Magnetic Belt CleanersAdobe PDF

PM Rare Earth Replacement Drawer GrateAdobe PDF

PN Metal SeparatorAdobe PDF

Pneumatic Self-Cleaning Grate MagnetAdobe PDF

Pneumatic Vibrator Type 2614Adobe PDF

Portable CoalescerAdobe PDF

Portable Coalescer Jr.Adobe PDF

Powertrol RectifierAdobe PDF

P-RexAdobe PDF

P-RexAdobe PDF

RE-RollAdobe PDF

RES Coolant CleanerAdobe PDF

RevX-EAdobe PDF

Safehold APL Instruction ManualAdobe PDF

Safehold EPL Instruction ManualAdobe PDF

Safehold MPL Instruction ManualAdobe PDF

Safehold RPL Instruction ManualAdobe PDF

SafeHold XPL Instruction Manual Adobe PDF

Scrap DrumAdobe PDF

Scrap DrumsAdobe PDF

Self Cleaning Magnetic HumpAdobe PDF

Self Cleaning Rota-GrateAdobe PDF

Sheet FannerAdobe PDF

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SMART Moisture MonitorAdobe PDF

SMART Splitter MonitorAdobe PDF

SMART Wireless Data CollectionAdobe PDF

Standard Oil Belt SkimmerAdobe PDF

Sump CleanerAdobe PDF

Suspended Electromagnet Series 2400Adobe PDF

Suspended ElectromagnetsAdobe PDF

Suspended Electromagnets for Hazardous LocationsAdobe PDF

Suspended Permanent Magnetic Separator Model CPAdobe PDF

Suspended Permanent MagnetsAdobe PDF

Syncro-Sieve SeparatorsAdobe PDF

Syncro-Sizer II SeparatorsAdobe PDF

Tank Side CoalescerAdobe PDF

TPR160, P160 & 60PL Precipitator VibratorsAdobe PDF

Tray Design GuideAdobe PDF

Ultra-Force FeederAdobe PDF

Unicon N12 Chassis ControllerAdobe PDF

Vibrating Feeders and Conveyors Model TMRAdobe PDF

Vibratory Feeder Hopper Transition InstallationAdobe PDF

Xtreme Eddy Current SeparatorAdobe PDF

Xtreme Interactive Reference GuideAdobe PDF

Humps and Round Pipe SeparatorsAdobe PDF

RF Cartridge MagnetsAdobe PDF

Deep Reach MagnetsAdobe PDF

Rota GrateAdobe PDF

PM Grate In HousingAdobe PDF

Grate In HousingAdobe PDF

Easy to Clean GrateAdobe PDF

Auto Easy to Clean Grate in HousingAdobe PDF

Ferrous TrapsAdobe PDF

HS42 FeederAdobe PDF

CF5MMWhimsAdobe PDF

n12ghwseriescontrollersAdobe PDF

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