Orange University®

We both know that your job is hard enough and your budget is limited. Trade shows are expensive, internet searches for real information are often confusing, misleading and respond in silence when you need a question answered. Fear not, Orange University® was built with you in mind!

Orange University is Eriez’ mobile training and education center, beautifully stuffed into a 38-foot Winnebago®. The concept and modular layout enable hands-on learning through a broad cross-section of Eriez equipment for a variety of industries, all scaled to a manageable size. The equipment layout is changed annually to refresh the program and offer you new learning experiences.

Our team of Eriez factory employees and field representatives tour all over North America helping to educate companies and provide viable solutions. In return, Eriez gets an education on your process needs as well, making for a synergistic approach of two-way learning that ultimately benefits your industry greatly. Orange University will help you pioneer developments to lead your company into the future.

Let us show you how we can provide you proven, cost-effective solutions right in your own parking lot. If we can’t fit something inside Orange University, our high-tech multimedia system with mobile broadband and multiple monitors, including a 42″ touch screen SmartBoard, fills the gaps. We spared no expense to create the incredible Orange University mobile experience. Let our team of Tour Pros show you how we can make your products better, safer and more cost-effective in production.

Take a moment to get to know our Tour Pros featured on this page. Then check out our schedule to find the next window of opportunity when we’ll be in your neighborhood or give us a call at 1-800-345-4946 to talk with a Tour Pro about scheduling your company for a free visit. We book fast, so don’t wait!

Meet the Crew

Jayne is a light industry specialist who is trained in all things Eriez. When not operating Orange U, she can be found spending time with her family and friends, and traveling as much as possible.

Jayne Corey – Technical Sales Orange University Team Leader

Chris is a heavy industries specialist with multi-product and broad industry knowledge. He is a fan of all Buffalo sports. Chris still can’t grow a mustache very well.

Chris Ramsdell – Technical Sales

Linda is a food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries specialist with in-depth experience in the dairy, snack food and confections markets. She’s also a vibratory, magnet and metal detection expert. She is a native of Buffalo, NY, and has a love for all things Buffalo (except snow!) and is a dedicated fan of the music group Train.

Linda Mioduszewski – Technical Sales

Craig is cross-trained in all Eriez products. Plastics, rubber and food applications are where he shines, but feel free to ask him about any product area. Aside from magnets, feeders and metal detectors, Craig also enjoys all things music related, mountain biking and skiing.

Craig Lorei – Technical Sales

Eric is multi-industry cross trained with a technically balanced knowledge in all Eriez equipment: separation, vibratory and inspection systems. All questions are good ones, so don’t be afraid to ask him anything, but he really likes magnets. Hobbies include racing cars, non-profit work and giving high-fives!

Eric Confer –
Product Manager Separation

Ray is our Metal Detection Manager. With more than 18 years of experience, he has worked on thousands of food, pharmaceutical and processing applications. Since 1995 he has served in various capacities, so don’t be shy to test his knowledge.

Ray Spurgeon – Metal Detection Manager

AKA “Crazy Bill,” he’s not only Eriez Market Manager for Heavy Industries, but also trained in most other Eriez offerings. Bill earned his “Crazy” reputation by offering absolutely insane magnetic separator deals to Eriez’ customers, so hopefully you’re lucky enough to meet him on a day he hasn’t taken his meds!

Bill Dudenhoefer – Market Manager Heavy Industries

With more than 25 years of vibratory screening, conveying and metering experience, Rob knows what’s shaking in all industries. In his free time, if he’s not fly fishing, he’s helping others through budget coaching and community services.

Rob Yandrick – Product Manager Vibratory/Screening

John is our Sanitary Market Manager and is an expert across all industries— from food & plastics to aggregates & mining. He’s also well versed in all Eriez products, as well as infantry & artillery tactics from his time spent in Iraq. Hobbies include fishing and being a dad. Just be ready to drop and give him 20!

John Klinge –
Sanitary Market Manager

John has worked with the composites, plastics and rubber industry for more than 35 years. He is involved in all Eriez products that inspect & separate metal from plastics as well as vibratory feeding / screening applications. John loves his family, golf, sailing, snow skiing and the sounds of blistering guitar riffs.

John Collins –
Market Manager-Plastics & PolyMag

Tom has a special knack for our vibratory products and is available for all your heavy industry project management.

Tom Saccamozzone – Heavy Industry Project Manager